Preschool News

The preschool kids are thoroughly enjoying our new playground!  Thank you to Larry, Jim, Pastor and many other volunteers who helped pick up the playground, set it up on the designated spot and cart over a ton of play bark mulch.  It is super bouncy!  It’s been super fun to see the kids climbing, swinging and creating “play themes” while we are out there for our outdoor time.  At first we only had about 4 kids who knew how to swing confidently on their own.  We now have most of the class swinging on the swings or are learning from watching their peers.  We have a 1- minute sand timer limit on swings so everyone has a chance to use them and the kids patiently wait in line holding the sand timer until the next three are up.  It’s been very rewarding watching them.

May marks the final month of preschool for this preschool year and we will be sending off 16 kids to kindergarten in the fall.  Many are excited and have told me they have gone over to the Primary school to register.  Our graduation program is on Wednesday, May 25 at 7pm.  Dessert and drinks will follow in the fellowship hall.  Until then we have many other fun events happening in May such as the Mother’s day Tea (always a favorite!) and a field trip to Birch Bay State park during our study of “sea creature’s big and small unit”. 

We have registrations available for the next preschool year and they can be picked up in the office with Gretel or myself in the preschool room. 


Miss Michelle


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